Thursday, June 29, 2017

Last Manaiakalani Intensive Day

Today we had a brief overview of opportunities that are offered to us by Manaiakalani, which was very exciting and inspiring. Afterwards, we had a few hours to refresh and study for our google exams.

After 2 hours and 58 minutes I had past my Google Level 2 exam! Perfect! Soon you will be able to see my badge along with my Apple and Manaikalani digital fluency badge on the side of my blog.

Another interesting part of todays course was having a sneak peak at the draft copy of the digit technologies progressions, which will soon be added to the curriculum.

Finally my certificate arrived after I had to get it resent 😞

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Ben. You took on quite a challenge and came through with acknowledgement of your technical skill and problem solving capability. Thanks for being such as great team member this term. I know your colleagues have appreciated your collegiality and good humour. I look forward to seeing how you use this blog in the future.



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