Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 3, Manaiakalani Intensive

The days agenda,


Connecting with each other

Connecting with Manaiakalani

Learn: Digital content introduction

10:00 Morning Tea

Learn: Digital content introduction

Hapara Teacher Dashboard

12:30 Lunch

Create: Making meaning of content

Share: Embed an#heading=h.jmngsigkryz1d Rewind Content

3:00 Weekend

File:Hangouts Icon.png - Wikimedia CommonsFile:Antu google-keep.svg - Wikimedia Commons

How am I going to use google keep and hangouts in my classroom?
I am looking forward to using google keep in my classroom by taking a picture of what i want to use and using the transfer tool to change it into text.

Google hangouts is going to be useful for organising meetings I cannot make or possibly organising reading times with their buddy classes.


  1. Look forward to hearing about how this works out for you Ben

  2. Hi Ben,

    I hope some of the tools helped you think about ways to streamline your workload and feel less pressured. Hangouts are a great way to have quick convos with colleagues from across the region, without the need to leave your room. They're so much better than email or text as there's no way to misinterpret the language. Looking forward to reading your class blog to see how things pan out.

    Thanks for sharing your learning and reflection.



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