Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 2, Digital Immersion Intensive

Today we looked at using google forms and google sheets to improve workflow.

We looked at many creative ways teachers have used forms and sheets in the classroom. One very interesting way we could use forms is creating a 'choose your own adventure'.

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Google Forms
Let’s take a look at the steps you would take to create Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Google Forms:
  1. Make a plan for the possible paths Forms users can take (possibly in a Doc).
  2. Create and title a new form.
  3. Before adding questions, add new pages to your form. Use your plan to know how many pages you’ll need.
  4. Be sure to name and describe your pages.
  5. Go back to page one, and edit the first multiple choice question. Click the option labeled, “Go to page based on answer.”
  6. Use the option to guide Forms users to specific pages based on selected answers.
  7. Continue adding this type of question to all pages until your plan is complete.
Learn more about the steps above in this Doc. Utilising Google Forms in this way can make differentiation possible. Check out how one teacher is using interactive Google Forms to differentiate the learning in her room in this blog post.

Another exciting way we can incoroporate sheets and forms into our learning is importing the information we gathered into other applications, such as google maps.

I created a form to find out where other people in the class want to go travelling. I used the information in the google sheet to import onto a map.

Here is the map of where we want to go travelling,

  • What did I learn that increased my understanding of Manaiakalani kaupapa and pedagogy? I am looking forward to using google forms to gain more students voice in the classroom.
  • What did I learn that could improve my confidence, capability or workflow as a professional? The different add-ons we used today with google sheets is going to greatly increase workflow. Some of the add-ons we looked at were flubaroo and rowcall.
  • What did I learn that could improve my confidence, capability or workflow in my personal life? Looking forward to using google sheets more in my personal life to organise big events.

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  1. Given the expertise you brought to this PLG with spreadsheets it is good to see that you have been thinking about ways to use your prior knowledge and accessing some of the tools that the Google environment makes possible.


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