Thursday, May 25, 2017

Day 4, Manaiakalani Intensive


A very interesting activity was the digital dig, great way to get students familiar with using the chrome browser. You can have a go at it here 2017 Digital Dig

Here is a copy of my own digital dig 

as today was about looking into the digital devices which our students use it was the junior teachers turn to show the seniors how its done. The 3 junior teachers shared 1 EE activity each (2 maths and 1 reading). I shared the "Keep trying" activity. Here is an are the EE which I completed.

Side note, I used embed to insert these videos. Much quicker than having to upload to Youtube.

Making meaning of content
Using Screencastify on a Chromebook
Sharing is about authentic audience and feedback
Your task is to choose ONE of these for a screencastify commentary
  1. Sign into blogger and explore your learners’ blog statistics. Choose the child with the most views and record your thoughts about why they might be attracting views and the type of comments they receive
  2. Read this on P18 about The 4 Fundamentals of Feedback to students With the doc open talk about one of the 4 points and give example/s of when you have done this with learners
Choose a blog post and discuss the type of comment you would leave on this post using the Manaiakalani feedback mantra “Positive, Thoughtful, Helpful’

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  1. It looks like you have learned a lot today Ben! Thanks for being a helpful buddy and giving me a couple of tips on Explain Everything.

    Did you get any ideas from the EEs that Trish and I brought? As we are from a different school I wonder how similar or different you find our activities to the ones in your school?


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